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What’s the European electoral roll?

That’s Austria’s electoral register, containing a list of all voters that are eligible to vote here in the European elections


Austrians are automatically enrolled,
EU citizens who live here have to register
by sending in a short application and proof of ID.

What’s the deadline for enrolling?

You can register until March 12, 2019, that’s the cutoff date in Austria. The date is exactly 72 days before election day on May 26, 2019

Once you are enrolled, the electoral commission will automatically send you an information sheet (Wahlinformation) a couple of weeks before election day, informing you of where and when you can vote. 

Can I vote in two EU countries?

You can only vote in one country for your Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) – that means if you are registered in Austria’s European electoral roll, you will vote for Austria’s MEPs in the upcoming European elections. 

Of course, you can change that again for the next European elections. Registering in Austria for voting here in the European elections does not affect in any way your right to vote in national and regional elections in your country of origin.

Can Britons vote in the elections?

Yes! Austrian law specifies that every citizen who fulfills the criteria (i.e. EU citizen, more than 16 years old, residence in Austria) and is registered in the European electoral roll by March 12, 2019, can vote in the European elections.


The fact that the United Kingdom might leave the EU on March 29 (or on another unspecified later date) will not have any impact on the electoral roll for these elections, since they will be finalized by March 12, 2019.


This is the current practice confirmed by Vienna’s department MA 62, tasked with holding elections in Austria’s capital. It is to be assumed that other municipalities follow this interpretation.

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