EU citizen in Austria?

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You are ...

16 years or older

on election day, May 26, 2019

registered in Austria

with your main residence (Hauptwohnsitz)


listed on Austria’s
European electoral roll

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EU citizen

of one of the Union’s
28 member states

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About us

Volt Austria

Volt is a pan-European, progressive movement that stands for new and integrative politics and a positive change in Europe. In the year 2019, we will run for the elections to the European Parliament all across the continent.


Above all, however, we want to make truly European politics a reality, no matter where you come from or which political convictions you have. That’s why we want to help EU citizens in Austria to actively vote here
in the European elections. 


It is completely up to you which party you want to vote for, then – even though we’d, of course, be happy and honored, if you would support Volt. The important part, though,
is that you make your voice heard in Europe! 



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